In a profile for written shortly after Hannah Goldy’s admission to the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) in 2019, Myles Painter wrote, “Even though she has six professional contests under her belt, Goldy faces challenges with the strength of a hurricane.” 

More than a year later, Goldy, AKA “24K”, AKA “Queen of Sparta” is still taking the MMA world by storm. 

We sat down with Hannah to talk to her about early career, her training, and how she stays motivated to keep fighting.

Goldy, a 28-year-old contender in the UFC’s Women’s Strawweight class based in Dunedin, FL, has been training MMA for about seven years, in which time she’s proven herself time and again as a force to be reckoned with. 

“When I was like 21 I went to some Muay Thai fights. The co-main event was ladies, and I was like ‘damn, that’s freaking awesome, I wanna do that,’” Goldy says. “And I joined a gym the next week!”

Goldy kicked off her amateur fighting career in 2015. In February of that year, she won a bout against Jenn Conaway on Breakthrough MMA 15 – Night of Champions 3, followed by another win in June. 

In 2016, she went pro. In her first professional bout, on Island Fights 27 in March, Goldy fought Gillian Robertson and won via unanimous decision. Not long after her initial victory, she defeated Vanessa Grimes at Island Fights 46 with a TKO. Shortly after that, Goldy defeated Lisa Blaine and Shannon Goughary. In June 2019, in Dana White’s Tuesday Night Contender Season 3, Episode 1, Goldy earned the fourth decision win and fifth win overall of her pro career in a fight against Kali Robbins. 

In August 2019, Goldy, representing team UFC Gym Winter Springs, signed on with the UFC. 

She currently ranks #75 worldwide in Women’s Flyweight, according to Tapology

MMA fans know Goldy as a fierce striker with a strong takedown defense and impeccable technical skill, particularly when it comes to throwing jabs and hooks and combining kicks and punches.

Her skill is matched by her passion and dedication to her work. 

“I enjoy so many aspects of being a mixed martial artist. I just appreciate so much what the sport has done for me as a person in general. It’s given me confidence, taught me about respect, commitment, hard work, sacrifice,” she says. “I also love the grind, the training, pushing myself to limits I didn’t think I could reach. The highlight of my journey so far is really just seeing the amount of lives I can impact through my story. We’re all fighting for something.”

Goldy keeps in touch with her fans between fights via Instagram at @hannahgoldy, where she regularly posts about her fitness and health regimen as well as family life, including husband Vinny and son Odin. 

In addition to MMA training, Goldy mixes in strength and conditioning, cardio, and other high-intensity workouts. She’s also meticulous about what she puts in her body, using food and supplements, including CBD, to fuel her extraordinarily active lifestyle. 

“I use CBD every morning as part of my supplemental routine. And I also use it after my super tough workouts to give my body that extra push towards recovery,” she says. “I love Bespoke 3C in the morning and Bespoke Recovery after training!” 

A devoted mom and accomplished pro fighter, Goldy is nothing short of inspirational. Along with motivating other women to step into the ring, she enjoys educating and uplifting others to step up to achieve their goals. 

“Consistency is key. But so is patience,” Goldy advises. “You have to be willing to put in the work, but also know that change doesn’t happen overnight. And recovery and self-care are just as important as the hard work. So make sure that you are giving your body the best of the best and fueling yourself to maximize your potential.”


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