When we entered lockdown, many of us felt an immense sense of stress and anxiety. Our daily routine had come to an abrupt halt and unknowns surrounded us. Those of us who deal with regular anxiety most likely felt an increase in our symptoms in those first few days and weeks. However, as the months have passed, a new normal has become our way of life.

This slower, calmer lifestyle

— a massive juxtaposition to our previous hundred-miles-per-hour speed — is now being touted as desirable, and even superior to our old way of life. This naturally leads us to question what awaits us when lockdown ends and our old routines and schedules become the daily grind once again.

Experts have begun using the term post-lockdown anxiety to describe what they believe will be a problem for many previous and new anxiety sufferers. As we have never walked through a situation like we are facing in the wake of COVID-19, we have no guide-book for how post-lockdown anxiety will affect us, and what to do to manage it.

What we have been told by experts is that we can expect some of us to have new or recurring situational anxiety as described by Dr. Kirsten Macphee, a digital GP at Babylon Health and a member of ClinOps Wellbeing Team. She says, 

“There are three types of anxiety related to COVID19: Anxiety due to fear of disease, anxiety induced by lockdown and social distancing, and anxiety about returning to a pre-lockdown normal life,”  

“The idea of returning to the old routine is in itself anxiety-provoking for some. A chance to lead a simpler life has increasingly been hailed as a benefit of lockdown,” 

If experts agree, the ascent back into life at full speed will be anxiety-inducing. It naturally follows we should look at ways of combating the problem, and hopefully before we experience debilitating symptoms. Studies have shown that non-psychoactive CBD can be beneficial in helping anxiety sufferers maintain a healthy mindset, especially those who struggle with social anxiety disorder, PTSD, and anxiety-induced insomnia.

In Conclusion…

For situational anxiety or long-term care, CBD is an all-natural, simple-to-use product with no known side effects, making it an easy choice for many as a way to manage moderate anxiety symptoms. Because it comes in a number of forms (tinctures, soft gels, infusions, etc), everyone can find a way to incorporate CBD into their lifestyle.

If it took you a long time to adjust to lockdown and you’re now worried about reentering regular life, there are things that can help. Talk to your doctor about CBD for anxiety management.