Our worst-kept company secret is out. We are thrilled to announce our rebrand; a complete redesign of our trusted hemp CBD product packaging. The look and feel is a rebirth. But the message is still the same.

At Bespoke, we’ve been making CBD products for a while now. In the beginning, we wanted to give people access to products that helped them feel better. Back then, we knew CBD could help with anxiety and sleep, and many people were beginning to testify it was helping them control their pain.

Since our launch, a lot has changed. We’ve learned that CBD is helping people treat symptoms of everything from depression to acne to cancer pain.

We always knew CBD had the potential to upturn the pharmaceutical industry, but no one producing CBD had any idea how fast the market would grow, or how many people would come to trust us with their well-being.

Our excitement for the promise CBD provides has only grown, and as every new study is released and every new anecdote is shared, that excitement has renewed.

As the market has flooded with new companies and products, we began to feel both a desire and a need.

The desire: to help our customers be as excited as we are about the thrilling new developments in the CBD industry, and all the hope that exists with each new study.

The need: to showcase that excitement in our branding, something we felt was necessary to prove to our customers we are evolving along with the industry.

The Process:

At Bespoke, we care about our brand. Our people are invested. And when word of a rebrand turned from casual chatter to serious consideration, everyone wanted to contribute. Of course, we obliged.

We partnered with a talented design and marketing firm to take our many ideas and turn them into, not just a new product design, but a redesign of the message we have always wanted our customers to hear. We think they hit it out of the park.

Bold yet cool. Colorful yet clean. Playful yet sophisticated. Even we’re impressed! But at the end of the day, it isn’t only about the look of the product. It’s what the product design can tell you about Bespoke and our commitment to providing you with the highest-quality CBD on the market today.

Bespoke packaging highlights:

Bespoke’s new design rollout follows our tertiary product line specifically meeting the needs of women, athletes, and pets. As our team continued to throw ideas into the ring, a common theme emerged; we wanted our customers to be as excited about CBD and it’s therapeutic potential as we are.

Considering the big players in the market, many of the product lines look similar. Simple, clean lines, with a medicinal feel. But our customers are a discerning breed, and we know that the CBD lifestyle is about more than just therapy.

Take Jake, for example, who purchases CBD to help with his migraine disorder. “Yes,” says Jake, “I use CBD to help keep my migraines to a minimum. But it’s more about making sure I can do the things I want to do with my life. I don’t want to miss out on going out with my friends, or hitting the ski slopes on a Saturday morning because I have a headache. I want to live my life fully, and CBD helps me do that.”

Or Laine who takes CBD to mitigate her anxiety. “It’s about being calm and being the best version of myself,” says Laine. “I want to be easy going and easy to be around. Not so worried about what’s going on around me, and more in the moment.”

Our new packaging is for Laine and Jake, and for all those who are taking their life back with the help of CBD.

Design elements:

In our redesigned Sport line, the bold colors represent energy blended with the de-stressing feeling that accompanies a good workout. Our Sport line is hand-crafted to provide quick inflammatory support and to help you focus on becoming the best physical version of yourself, instead of focusing on your discomfort.

Our Women’s line was designed to radiate power and strength coupled with the zen emotion invoked by truly living with balance and harmony. Women’s unique needs are met with Bespoke’s line of products designed to encourage healthy sleep and relaxation, as well as support the female body during PMS.

And of course, our pets deserve something special, too. Bright and cheery with a nod to love and loyalty, this line reminds us that our pets truly are our best friends, here for us in every situation. Bespoke’s pet products are ideal for aging pets who need joint and muscle support and are particularly good at helping promote healthy mental states and nervous systems.

Beyond the beautifully colorful patterns, you’ll find an esthetic designed for clarity and ease of use. Simple, clean fonts provide easy access to all the information you’ll need to make a wise purchase. Our commitment to full transparency means you’ll always know exactly what you’re buying.

A new leaf:

The newest developments in the Hemp CBD market aren’t CBD at all! New cannabinoids have recently been discovered and isolated for public consumption. They’re showing significant promise for their health benefits, especially as it applies to sleep cycles, inflammatory responses, and immunity. We’re proud to announce our future product line will offer CBG and CBN-based extracts – the latest in hemp extract technology.

We believe that to treat the whole you is to know the whole you. Bespoke Extracts works in cooperation with you to figure out your wellness wants and needs, then builds a holistic package of high-quality organic CBD solutions specifically designed to meet them. You’ll get exactly what you need to turn health into well-being—nothing more, nothing less.

That’s a fancy way of saying, ‘We care about you. A lot.’

Watch for our rebrand, coming later this year. We can’t wait to see our products on your bathroom shelves and nightstands. Bespoke. Beautifully made – and designed – with you in mind.