Bespoke’s Commitment to Quality

Your health is our pride. Bespoke doesn’t compromise on quality; we are committed to producing the safest, most effective CBD products on the market. We honor this commitment in the growth and extraction of our hemp, our carefully crafted products, and our meticulous manufacturing procedures.


The Power of Hemp-Based CBD

Hemp is a powerful crop with the potential to provide energy, fabrics, health foods and so much more. This plant is extremely powerful and has wide ranging uses.

As a health product, studies continue to show hemp oils high in cannabinoids such as CBD have the ability to support the healthy function of many body systems.

Therefore, Bespoke’s hemp-derived CBD products can provide a wide range of therapeutic effects without the psychoactive effects of THC commonly associated with the cannabis plant.

Lab Results

Certificate of analysis for Bespoke 3C CBD+CBG 1200 mg

Certificate of analysis for Bespoke 3C 2000 mg

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