Military Discount

U.S. Military Veterans Discount
Bespoke Extracts is proud to offer veterans of the U.S. Armed Forces a 25% discount on our products. We know for many of you, premium-quality CBD is a valued component of your daily health and wellness regimen, and it is our goal that former military personnel have access to the Bespoke CBD products they need.
How do I prove I am a member of the military?
When you register, you will need to upload your military ID.
Are there any exclusions to what I can purchase using my discount?
Our veterans discount applies to all regular-priced Bespoke Extracts products.
Can I use my military discount in combination with other offers or specials?
No. Your discount will apply only to regular-priced Bespoke Extracts products.
Can my family access my discount too?
No. Only you will have the authority to use your discount.
Can I use my discount to purchase items for friends and family?
Bespoke Extracts intends for your discount to be used to purchase products for your personal use only.