Bespoke Programs

FAQ’s about Affiliate Programs for Consumers

Why are affiliate programs positive for consumers?

Good affiliate programs allow your peers and the people you follow to give you honest feedback about the products and services they enjoy. When you make a purchase based on an influencer’s recommendation, an influencer receives a commission.

Do Bespoke affiliates sell your product to me?

No. Our affiliates do not directly sell our products. You will always order directly from Bespoke, not from any affiliate or ambassador.

Information for Affiliates

Our Affiliate Program is an exciting way for influencers to earn up to 25% commission on all Bespoke products. 

Our Ambassador Program allows new and emerging influencers to try our products in exchange for an honest review. (We never sway or pressure our influencers to post dishonest reviews. We want to hear what you really think!)

We want all of our partners to promote our products honestly. With that goal in mind, because of the regulations surrounding CBD and the delicate nature with which Bespoke (and all other CBD brands) can be advertised, there are some guidelines that must be followed to be sure we are compliant.

Before you apply for any of our programs, we ask that you read our guidelines for posting content regarding our products and refer to these guidelines again before making any post to be sure you are compliant. 

Please select the program suites you best and apply: